B.K.O. Ventures is a boutique ad tech consulting firm founded by industry veterans.

We provide services for the following client types:


Increase your ad revenue by using the right tech stack, having the right monetization demand partners, and provide the greatest experience by filtering those annoying ads.


Optimize and scale your campaigns by tapping to the right publishers and gain access to the best supply.

Tech Companies

Make sure your tech is the best in class according to industry’s most rigorous standards. We help tech companies develop the most advanced technology in ad tech to-date.

HR & Organizational Structure

How to build and recruit winning teams? What tools and management skills are required to track and enhance employee and business success?


We perform highly granular due diligence by putting to good use our extensive experience and know-how of the market. We help validate your information and ideas.


BKO was founded in 2019 by industry veterans who are leaders in ad:tech space. We are specializing in digital advertising, across all formats and across all platforms.

Our team is on a bold mission to provide value to our customers based on our many years in the industry.

Having worked in ad:tech for many years, our team gained an unparalleled deep understanding of the industry’s business and tech.

We provide our customers leverage when it come to digital advertising.


Contact us at info@bkoventures.com